How it works

Order process

Simple and fast

As soon as you place your order, we will process it and hand it over to the transport company Packeta. They will deliver it to your home and verify your age that you filled in your order. All orders are dispatched directly from the Czech Republic. You have 100% guarantee, that we sell only goods we have a perfect experience with!

Did we miss some product that you would like to order? Do you have questions or you want to tell us something? Let us know!

Free shipping

The more beers you buy, the less is going to be the shipping price. If your order costs more than €30.00, shipping is free for you! Shipping across Europe is quite expensive, so we at least try to offer as cheapest shipping as it can be.

Shipping limits

Our online services support orders only up to 10kg (this means about 18 beer cans per order). However, if you want to buy more beer, you can contact us and we'll do our best to solve your problem personally. Thank you for understanding.

Supported countries

Currently we support deliveries to Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom and Czech Republic. Missing your country? Please, let us know!