Holba 11 Šerák 0,5l

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V roce 1874 založil v Hanušovicích sládek Josef Mullschitzký moderní parní pivovar


HOLBA 11 Šerák 0.5l


It has an exceptionally bitter hop taste and perfect zest. Šerák is a mountain in the Czech Republic.

Alcohol content 4,7%


The brewery was founded by maltster Josef Müllshitzský in 1874. In 1906, the brewery became a part of a joint-stock company. The brewery was the third-largest Czechoslovak beer produced during the interwar period. In 1948, the brewery was nationalized by communist regulation and became a non-independent part of Severomoravské breweries Přerov, the national enterprise. Producing of Holba Šerák brand was started in 1983. The Czechoslovak republic government launched economic transformation after the Velvet revolution in the 1990s; a major goal was disposing of enormous nationalized property.