Starobrno medium 0,5l

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This light lager is unpasteurized and is characterized by rich foam, extremely delicious, full, delicate hop taste and perfect taste.


STAROBRNO Medium 0,5l


The beer is made from Saaz hops and Moravian malt. It has a delicious, full hop taste and perfect zest.

Alcohol content 4,7%


The beginnings of the brewery were related to the Cistercian convent. The second half of the 19th century in the Czech lands was marked by an expansion of the brewing industry. Up to the beginning of World War I, the company managed to overtake a major part of the competitors on the market in Brno, and production grew to 250,000 hectolitres yearly. The beer from Brno was exported to Poland and Austria–Hungary. In 2009, Starobrno Brewery produced more than one million hectolitres of beer, for the first time in its history.