Staropramen 12 0,5l

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Zlatý věk pivovaru nastal v meziválečném období




It has a characteristic taste with a delicate hop aroma and natural bitterness.

Alcohol content 4,0%


Staropramen Brewery’s history begins in 1869 when shares for a “Joint Stock Brewery in Smíchov” were offered for sale. Due to competition from other Prague breweries, the brand name Staropramen, which translates as “old spring” (water source), was registered in 1911. After the First World War, all three breweries saw a period of sustained growth, and by the 1930s Staropramen was the largest brewery in Czechoslovakia. After socialism ended in 1989, the brewery, along with the Braník and Měšťan breweries, became in 1992 part of the Prague Breweries group